Rihanna’s New Fenty x Puma Creepers Are Inspired by High School Cliques

Start saving your pennies, the Cleated Creeper from Rihanna’s latest Fenty x Puma collection will be available to buy next week from Puma. In either black or tan, the sneaker features a sleek suede upper and a platform sole. The collection is designed to represent the archetypal high school cliques — nerds, jocks, preps and so on, Rihanna’s way to celebrate youth culture. Among the features are two new stacked soles — the Cleated Creeper Suede and the Ankle Strap Sneaker, both in men’s and women’s sizing in seasonal colors.

The shoes will drop Aug. 31 on puma.com and at select retailers. Also on the radar for fall are the Chelsea Sneaker Boots, Fenty Trainer Hi and Knitted High Mary Jane Heels.

The Creeper was Rihanna’s first style for Puma, and her original was a huge hit, selling out soon after its debut in 2016 and winning the 2016 shoe of the year. The Creeper continues to do well for the multitalented artist; she unveiled a bow sandal version of the style this spring. There’s no doubt that the Cleated Creeper will set Rihanna’s fall 2017 collection off to a good start.

puma, fenty, creepers Puma x Fenty’s new Creepers drop Aug. 31.
Courtesy of Puma

Rihanna’s footwear designs have gained much attention in recent weeks, even from her ex-boyfriend.

Last week, Rihanna’s capsule line of Fenty for Stance socks hit shelves. Each of the four styles features embroidery of an outfit she has sported. And Drake has not shied away from getting his feet into a pair. His sock of choice features an image of Rihanna from Drake’s own oeuvre, a still from the music video for “Work.”


A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Aug 21, 2017 at 2:06pm PDT

Is there a deep meaning behind Drake’s socks? He chose to share his ownership of the Rihanna sock with the public, posting it on Instagram Tuesday with the caption “Trabajo.” In the photo, Drake sits pensively on a couch with his socks made clearly visible. He wanted everyone to know that he has a pair of the Fenty for Stance socks.

Could this be a message to Rihanna that he wants her back? Drake did not tag Rihanna in the post, so it’s unlikely. Maybe his intention is to show support for a friend’s latest venture. Or it could very well be that Drake simply likes the capsule line. Let’s wait for his reaction to the Cleated Creeper drop on August 31.

Fenty for Stance. Fenty for Stance.
Fenty for Stance

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