Who's That Girl?

The Cinema Society and Tod's took over Gallow Green on the McKittrick Hotel rooftop last night to celebrate What Maisie Knew, a modern-day adaptation of a Henry James novel in which Julianne Moore plays a troubled rock-star mom navigating a bitter divorce. Her own motherhood informed the role. Moore told Style.com, "I already have my own family, so I know the rules, and this character doesn't do anything right. She's horribly inconsistent."

Although it was hard to take your eyes off Moore and her costar Alexander Skarsgård, the movie belongs to the 7-year-old actress Onata Aprile, who plays Maisie. "If the truth were that we had to cut her performance together, I would say so," said David Siegel, the film's co-director with Scott McGehee. "But her ability to live in front of the camera is extraordinary."

The party drew a cohort of Skarsgård's Swedish friends and Game of Thrones stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Natalie Dormer, all of whom raved about Aprile's breakout performance. Don't get her wrong, though, the young actress said making the movie was no cakewalk: "They made me stay up late, past bedtime." Skarsgård knelt down to take a picture with her, then said, "My parents partied a lot when I was a kid. They would just put me on the table and keep on partying. Falling asleep to the sounds of my parents laughing, having a good time—I loved it."

—Todd Plummer

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